Lake Como, Lago di Como in Italian, is Italy’s most popular lake and also its deepest.
Lake Como is shaped like an inverted Y giving it a long perimeter. The lake is surrounded by mountains and hills and dotted with beautiful villas and resort villages. There are good hiking paths, boat trips and water activities. Popular since Roman times, Lake Como is a top romantic travel destination and a great spot for photography.

What you could see in Como..

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* Cathedral: it is the last Gothic cathedral built in Italy and it dates back to the 1396.
It was built in Musso’s marble and the work of construction was completed in 1770 with the addition of the realization of the dome by Filippo Juvarra.
The spiers propose the gothic theme of the spiritual. On the either side of the central portal there are the statues of Plinio the Elder and Plinio the Younger. In 1935 a fire destroyed the dome, that it was rebuilt to a design of Juvarra, under the direction of architect Federico Frigerio.
The north door of the cathedral is called Porta della Rana. On the left jamb, two meters from the ground, there is a statue depicting a frog. A legend says that the frog marks the highest point of one of the many flooding of the lake. On 5th February 1912, a madman in protest against the city of Como, picked up the frog with a hammer. Another legend says that the frog indicate the presence of an underground treasure. In 1852 excavations were made, but nothing was found.

* Broletto: Gothic-Romanesque building, it was built with red, gray, and white Lombard marble. In reality, what we see today is only a part of the originally building, because a part was demolished to create the nascent Cathedral. For many centuries there was the municipality, and in 1764 it was used as a theater and later as archive. From the late nineteenth century, until today it is used for conferences and exhibitions.

* Torre del Broletto: Attached to the palace of the Broletto, the tower was probably built in the same period, at the beginning of the thirteenth century. On it there was a communal bell, which was used to summon the people to the meetings that were occurred in the square or in the arcades. When Como was annexed to the State of Milan and the city declined from its duties, the tower became the bell tower of the Cathedral. The new tower was opened and modified in 1927.

* San Fedele’s Basilica: it is dedicated to St.Fedele Martire; it is in the center of the city. The start of construction is in 1120s. It derives from an earlier fifth-century church dedicated to Santa Eufemia, the first cathedral of the city.
A part of the bell tower collapsed in the twelfth century due to an earthquake. It was rebuilt in 1271 and partially rebuilt in the early’900. The facade was restored in 1914, it retains the Rose Windows of the Renaissance (1509).

You’ll find the major towns around the lake:
- Argegno
- Lenno
- Cadenabbia
- Menaggio
- Bellagio